Celebrant Services

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I am a creative and articulate celebrant with soul, experienced in leading Funerals, Memorial Services, Life Celebrations, and Interment or scattering of ashes.

I trained through the New Zealand Celebrant School and am a Validated Member of the Celebrant's Association of New Zealand. 

When you choose me,  I will work alongside you to weave together a heartfelt and meaningful celebration of life or ceremony of your choice at a location or venue of your choosing.

Whether it be a large public memorial or an intimate gathering of family and friends, I can guide you through every step.

I have a wide range of experience with plenty of feedback available.  It would be my honour and privilege to lead whichever ceremony you choose.  You can find more about my Celebrant Services here www.margpalmercelebrant.co.nz


Eulogy Writing


As a funeral Celebrant, I am frequently asked to write the “Eulogy” or “Life story” of the person we are farewelling. This is always a privilege and it is an honour to sit with the family as they recount the journey of their loved one.

Some families are quite happy to write their own, whether it be the responsibility of one family member or a collective contribution.

There are times when I may not necessarily be the Celebrant – a family friend may be leading the Celebration of Life or it may be an intimate family gathering, yet a tribute is still desired. Regardless of whether I am your Celebrant or not, I am available to write the Eulogy or Life story for someone else to read/deliver.


Eulogies and Life stories are the heart of any funeral, Memorial service or celebration of life. They ooze the essence of the loved one you are remembering, tell the story of their life journey, celebrate their achievements and milestones while remembering stories and times of love and laughter.

Capturing their words/sayings and your words, tone and affection are of importance and we will work closely together to achieve a heartfelt, thoughtful and meaningful Eulogy.

If you would like to discuss how I can assist you to honour your loved one by creating a fitting eulogy, please Contact me.

"The service was lovely and I think May would have “enjoyed” and been really pleased with what we put together for her.   The eulogy you wrote was absolutely fitting and lovely, and we really appreciate your guidance on how to run things as it’s quite overwhelming trying to cope with planning everything and making sure everyone and everything is catered for while trying to hold yourself together and be strong for others".

Darryl and Diane – Nelson


Life Stories


I believe everyone has a story to tell.

Throughout our life, we don’t always pass on the stories of our journey and our life-lessons, for our families and loved ones and the generations to come.

Sometimes we don’t think we have a story to tell, or we don’t believe that anyone is interested. Equally, while we are living, we are always there to speak that story, share that recipe or handyman tip.

Sharing your stories is a significant gift and legacy for your family and ensures your story lives on. What a beautiful gift to give your family on a special occasion – why wait until you are no longer physically here.

You may think this requires a lot of time on your part. It won't! You have the fun of reminiscing about the past and I have the pleasure of listening and turning my notes in to “Your story”.

Your story can then be told and re-told as the years pass and future generations bring them to life again.

Unless your life story is written down, there is a great risk that in time, your story will be lost forever  —a legacy forgotten. Don’t let this happen!


Long or short, your journey is worth telling. It may be that it is just a couple of pages or you may want to share a lot more detail.


Contact me for an obligation-free chat and we can discuss how much you want to share and price a package to meet your needs.