Nelson Memorials & Celebrations

Celebrating life in all its stages

Beautiful memorials don't just happen, they are planned.


I am Marg Palmer and it would be a privilege to work with you to plan a beautiful event that will truly honour and celebrate the life of your loved one.

The Occasion

Do you know where to start? Will it be an intimate celebration of life or a public memorial?

What venue will you choose? Who will speak? Will there be music? Will there be refreshments? 

There are so many questions to ask and decisions to be made. I can guide you through that process, officiate as Celebrant, refer you to venues, and discuss options for the celebration of life,  no matter how large or small.

Making Time

In today’s society, for a variety of reasons, there may be no funeral ceremony or it may be “private”. But, without saying farewell, the opportunity to grieve and heal may well be diminished. It can be important to remember that there may be other memories to include and you may not be aware that there are other people whom you may have never met that also have memories to share and are also feeling the loss of a dear friend or colleague.

A life can be celebrated at any time and we all know how to do that through birthdays, anniversaries and life transitions. We can also do that before or after death and there are several options:

  • A funeral plan – make it easy on your loved ones by making your wishes known before you die

  • A living wake – organise one before you die

  • A funeral ceremony at the time of death

  • A memorial celebration or scattering of ashes some time after death – whether it be 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or even longer.


Life can be celebrated at any time – let us share the memories together.

As a Celebrant, I can assist you to plan the celebration of your loved one.From being “just the Celebrant” and officiating at your event, or guiding you through the planning of your celebration from venue, to music, to catering and the words to say. Simple, elaborate, intimate or public – let me take your ideas and share my resources to make your tribute memorable.



"I attended a very special lady's life celebration yesterday and the celebrant was Marg Palmer.

Have to say that she is also a very special lady and captured the moment and occasion beautifully, professionally and with style. I'd just like to recommend Marg to others who may be looking for that special person to be the one to lead a loved ones’ celebration.

Marg is available for a wide range of ceremonies, weddings, civil unions, funerals, other ceremonies."

Marcia - Nelson 

Riley Jones

"I  want to thank you very very much for the lovely service you conducted  yesterday for my Mum Pat.

The family were all  extremely  pleased with your opening address, the  way you introduced people
 and the manner in which you spoke. We would highly recommend you to others.

So, thanks again Marg we really appreciate all you did."

Best wishes
Sherry Mirfin

Payton Hillman

"My goodness there is a lot to being a celebrant! Thanks for all the work you put in beforehand and the competence you displayed in running the Celebration for Cynthia.  It went very well and we were in good hands.  If you need any favourable comments anywhere to endorse your celebrant work please let me know".

Julia - Wellington

Reese Mathers